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If you’re care about both the ethical treatment of workers and environmental implications, this site is for you.

Figuring out which brands actually align with your values and deserve your support, unfortunately, isn't always as straightforward as we'd like it to be. But if you keep in mind that being a conscious consumer is about a way of life rather than just one purchase here or there, you'll be able to build the right habits over time

We created CraftiHub.com to help you pursue your passion knowing you’re helping the planet.

What we stand for:

  • Hurt no animal

    We love animals and fashion as much as you do, so it’s no surprise that we have an entire section dedicated to promoting ethical concern for animal welfare.

  • Beating Poverty

    Offering people fair wages for their work can help to support jobs, improving living conditions for producers, their families.

  • Natural Fabrics

    Organically produced fabrics are not only less polluting on the environment but also good for your health too!

  • Buy Less, Reuse More

    We’re firm believers that a lot of times less is more when it comes to fashion. Buy less, waste less, live more.

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